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Seems like just yesterday we were talking about Spring arriving. Boy how time flys!  We have had a busy and produtive summer. The Remus job at Chippewa Hills High School went very well. The football team is having a great season and the field is holding up well for being new grass.


Right now we are in the middle of winterizing over 1000 lawn sprinkler systems. Quite a chore if the weather forcast gets severe. We have been very luck this year and will complete the task easily based on the extended forcast.


Speaking of winterizing your home or business sprinkler system:  In an effort to gain more new customers, I will offer a $50.00 winterization price for any new customers that mention this blog post. Limitations apply of course but in general a standard irrigation system will quailify. This offer expires November 15th and is a savings of between $25-$50 dollars.


I will try to get some pictures up of our new building soon. We just completed the cement.


Happy fall!

Spring is coming.

By countryclub75138846, Feb 17 2017 04:28PM

The weather is really turning for the good right now. I am sure it will not last through March but you never know. We have a lot of nice projects this year. We are going to be in Caledonia doing new seeding on two baseball fields. We will be caring for a lot of Sports Fields that we normally do in the past. We are waiting to hear on a couple more large projects that have not been awarded yet. Looking to be a really good year for Country Club Turf.

So far the snow plow season has been mild. We had the two large storms at the start of the season but mostly been salting and not plowing much. Still another 45 days in the snow plow season so we could still get hit with a blizzard.

Looking forward to getting started this year and we wish all of our customers well and thank them for having the faith in our company again this year.

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